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Business Owners

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way. 


How We Can Help

We will integrate your personal, financial, and estate planning goals with your business goals to maximize profit, minimize tax liability, and ultimately lead to financial independence by assisting with your:

Personal Retirement Plan

Determine the most advantageous type of plan. Some plans will allow contributions well over $200,000 resulting in tens of thousands in tax savings.

Corporate Benefit Plan

Establish the best for you and your employees.

Exit Plan

The endgame and goal. We will work with or help create your team of advisors – CPA, Attorney, and Financial Advisor (Global Macro Asset Management). We can help with not only ongoing business issues, but in preparation for your succession or liquidity event. Our goal is to help you achieve maximum value for your life’s work.

I’m fortunate to come from a family of business owner/entrepreneurs (see below). I grew up watching my father, grandfather, and our family grapple with the problems and risks as well as enjoy the rewards that being in business for yourself can offer.  Of course, it led me to choose the same path and allows me to empathize and understand the unique challenges and opportunities entrepreneurship provide.

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Don Cody


Global Macro Asset Management

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Martin Cody

(1897 - 1959)


Superior Gasket Manufacturing

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Loren J. Cody

(1919 - 1996)


Cody Associates